Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Fever

Whew! Spring fever has it's hold on me now!

Yesterday, here in Ohio, it was 72 degrees with the sun March! No one appreciates spring like a midwesterner; we go a little nuts.

So, being a little nuts yesterday, I lowered the top on my VW Bug convertible (I am old enough to have earned it), invited my chocolate lab, Buddy, along for a tool around the town. I swear Buddy smiles when he is in the car, especially with the top down. I've always wondered, though, why a dog loves to have the wind blowing in his face, but if you blow on his face, you risk losing yours!

So with all that wind blowing and sun shining, last night found me in the studio until early this morning. I spent several hours working on trying to complete "The Aviators". I think I'm almost there.

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