Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Out of Touch

I haven't posted until today due to something to do with a server. Being down. Did someone trip over a wire? Did a squirrel get into the works? Was an electric bill overlooked? Whatever the reason, ours was down for about 28 hours (horrors) and I felt isolated, cut off and unable to "get anything done"! However, here's what I did do:

- Began work on a new series of drawings I hope to show you soon.
- Watched a lot of basketball!
- Spent the afternoon with my oldest son and went to see a movie with him.
- Shopped at the book store (only place I like to shop anymore!)
- Read a book "The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion. Great; I recommend it.

So, even though I was "down", I guess I wasn't "out". I could function quite well without my internet connection; I just couldn't tell you about it until now.

Today's work, "De Nova", is a done with colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor pencils and ink. This piece is a direct result of doing my abstract warm-ups; and is also quite inspired by the promise of spring. It measures 4 x 15" and is available; e-mail if you're interested.

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