Wednesday, March 21, 2007


As artists, we, as a species, tend to be sensitive to extreme beauty: color, light, sound, movement, love, happiness, etc. All wonderful blessings. But there is a flip side to this sensitivity as well. We are also very sensitive, in equal opposition to the beauty around us, the ugliness: darkness, shades of gray, pain, hate, inequality, war, etc. We take it all in. What do we do with all of it? Hopefully, we make art.
As a new working artist, I usually make "pretty" art. (I was accused of that by a college art instructor. (Bit of a compliment and critique both. Ouch.) It's a way to express the wonderful, pretty things I absorb in my life.
Now, as I grow into myself as "artist", I must also represent in my work, the dark, ugly things I have absorbed in my life. It's pushing it's way out; kind of a cleansing if you will (or if it's a dark day for you, an exorcism.)

So, in order to "Make Lemonade...", here's what I have decided to do. It's a series I'll call "Promises, Lies & Excuses". Drink up; it's a little bitter, a little sweet, sometimes amusing. Stay tuned and let me know what you think.

graphite, colored pencil

5 x 5"


E-mail if you are intereseted.

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