Monday, April 30, 2007

For the Love of Dog

Our dog, Buddy, who is one of the best dogs ever (in our humble opinion), had to have knee surgery last Thursday. As some of you know, I ran my first marathon last fall and Buddy was my short distance (no more than 2 miles) training partner. Well, apparently, you can wear out your dog's knees just as you can your own. So, having had some knee problems myself and knowing how painful one can be, we decided to get Buddy the operation.

Now, I am not a "dog lover". I feel about dogs about the same as I feel about children: I do not automatically love all of them, just my own and a chosen few others. But, working in a home studio every day and being with this wonderful animal everyday has made him very special to me for his unfailing companioship and unconditional love.

That said, I really missed Buddy while he was away at the vets. I worried and thought about him a lot and kept expecting him to be under my feet at any moment. When I finally was able to get him on Friday, he was in a lot of pain even with lots of meds, and I just sat with him all day and all night. He cried constantly; what a helpless feeling.

He has rebounded, though, and by Sunday was trying chase bees and groundhogs in the yard dragging that leg behind him. We have had to restrain him from more of that! So, hopefully, I am through the round-the-clock dog nursing and can get back to making more art.

Here's another "Bouqet for a Mom". Hope you like.

Bouquet for a Mom II
colored pencil on MiTeints
9 x 12"

Buddy post op

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bouquet for a Mom

Here are the last two phases of my work in progress of "Bouquet for a Mom". Initially, I thought I was finished with this piece below. But, after looking at it for a day or two, I decided to darken the background a bit more and now I am satisfied with it. Hope you are, too. Let me know.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"Bouquet for a Mom" - WIP 3
colored pencil
9 x 12"

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an opening at the Keny Gallery here in Columbus for Lowell Tolstedt, whose drawings are excellent in every sense: delicate, intricate realism of simple, yet compelling compositions. Much of the work in this show was colored pencil work along with several silver point and gold point drawings. As an artist who works primarily with the medium of colored pencil, Mr. Tolstedt's work and the level he has achieved as an artist are an exciting inspiration for me. Take a moment to look at some of his work:

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bird in the Hand

Bouquet for Mom - WIP (2)
colored pencil
Oh, Spring! Warm temperatures and sunshine - finally - here in Columbus. What's not to love. So, yesterday, I flung open the doors and windows (screens aren't it yet because last week it was snowing) and enjoyed the day.
We left for the evening, and on our return discovered there was a small wren flying around the house! Now, normally, not a big deal....unless you have a 95 lb. labrador retriever named Buddy. He did his best to retrieve for us, knocking things over and jumping on any furniture that would hold him. There was much running, screaming and dog retrieving on our part, too.
We were able to get poor Ms. Wren out the door and our dog calmed down. When we awoke the next morning, Ms. Wren was outside our window singing loudly to be let in. Maybe she enjoyed the thrill of the chase as much as Buddy did.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bouquet for a Mom - WIP

colored pencil on Mi Teints pastel paper
9 x 12"
This is a work in progress (which I hope to have finished by the end of the week) using colored pencil and Turpenoid Natural solvent.
My youngest son gave me these daisies last year and I loved the way they looked in this simple little glass vase he found in the cabinet, so I took several photos. I just ran across this picture again recently and since it made me smile, I thought I'd use it for a drawing.
And, yes, if you're wondering, there is nothing better than receiving flowers from your son.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Daisy, Pansy & Daylilly
All 3 pieces in their frames.
After taking a week away from the studio, I am itching to start a new, involved project. But, as usual, there's always some annoying interruption or another, like bills and taxes!
So, I am showing you, once again, some not-so-recent work that I hope you will enjoy looking at no matter that these flowers are not "fresh".
These pieces were done in colored pencil on wood panels, sealed with a clear acrylic varnish and framed without glass. Each one measures 4 x 4" (6 x 6" in the frames) and is mounted and ready to hang. They are each available for $90 framed or $250 for all three (plus shipping) E-mail me if you are interested at

Monday, April 9, 2007

First Sign

"First Sign"
10 1/2 x 13/1/2" unframed
17 x 20 1/2" framed
colored pencil
$275.00 + shipping
E-mail if you are interested:
Since I have been busy working at Studios on High Gallery over the weekend, and then heading to Cincinnati to see my sister on Easter Sunday, I haven't been in my studio. But I thought you might enjoy seeing a piece I made last year about this time; especially since most of the daffodils around here have frozen!
I hope to make a few new drawings this week, but my youngest son is home from school for spring break. And since the first nine years of his life have flown by, I plan to spend some quality time with him.
In the mean time, I'll post some of my older work and some news about other stuff I have seen and done recently.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Not My Fault

Another in my series of "Promises, Excuses and Lies"

"Not My Fault"
6 x 6"
graphite & china marker
E-mail if you are interested.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

White Gloves

"Little Women"
9 x 12"
graphite and china marker
My sisters and I, being the consummate tomboys we were (and still are), were dressed for Easter in bonnets, patent leather shoes, anklets and those amazing white gloves. Now, I remember a lot of my childhood, but I do not remember wearing these gloves. Obviously, I did, because we have the pictures to prove it. But, how long did I wear them? Did I take them off right after the pictures were taken? Did I wear them through the church service? I must have taken them off earlier than my parents had hoped because I do remember being a nail biter and I'm sure the gloves once a year didn't stop that nasty habit.
I'll have to ask my sisters (who are amazing women whom I dearly love) what they remember of "the wearin' of the gloves". My best guess is that at least one of us lost one before we returned home to eat that ham....

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Avid Blogger

Today I spent some time with artist and new friend, Anita Miller, who, as I showed in another post is working on the Lima Company Memorial. I had the privelege of being invited the Artist's Roost (Anita's studio) and seeing her first lifesize painting of three of the soldiers. Amazing, powerful and beautiful. My hope is that a lot of people will see these paintings.

Anita, obviously gifted as an artist, also has a way of pulling people towards her. After reading my blog post about the memorial, Anita contacted me and asked if I could show her how to blog. Little did she know.....

So be sure to check out our newest blog junkie at She will be posting and tweaking and getting her subscription feed set up soon, too, so check in on her progress often.

14 x 6"
mixed media: watercolor pencil, colored pencil, pastel
E-mail if you are interested.

Monday, April 2, 2007

O, H.....

If you know the response to O - H..., then you are a Buckeye; or may have faced one of our teams. We are playing for the national championship for college basketball (for those of you who might not be aware of that) tonight and tip off is any minute now, so this post will be short. Go Bucks!
(Obnoxious, isn't it?)

"Hall of Mirrors"
mixed media: watercolor pencils, colored pencil, pastel
10 x 14"
E-mail if you are interested.