Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Being Connected

Recently, while running, I passed several people walking the same trail I was on. However, they all were on the phone a long time (I know because I passed them twice on my out and back). I don't know what to think of these people: Are they that important? Are they that lonely? Are they really talking to someone or just pretending? None of my business, but I do know that being outside, running or walking alone can be so wonderful for your body and mind. To let your mind wander; to think about nothing and just take in what's around you is like a soothing tonic.
We should all disconnect ouselves from our "devices" with mind-clearing regularity. (This goes double for anyone with a Blue Tooth: you just look silly talking to yourself!)
However, here's my list of qualifications for people who should be on the phone at all times, even while exercising:
1. You are a doctor, lawyer or some such important noble occupation. (I want to be able to reach my doctor or lawyer at ALL times.)
2. You are a bad guy! (My qualification are not necessarily for the good of mankind. I could just see where if you are doing bad things, you would need to be on the phone.)
3. You are Jack Bauer. Where would our country be if Jack didn't have a cell phone?
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