Friday, March 2, 2007

Beauty at Any Age

With a deadline looming, I have been working hard to complete "Aviators" and "Teddy and Me". I will show them to you as soon as they are finished, but in this phase of the work, the daily progess is more subtle (even though it's as labor intensive) and pretty boring for you.

So I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my plans: Drawings of women friends and relatives who are, shall we say, matured to perfection. Times have changed (thank God) and we do not have to buy into an "old lady" mode of dressing or behavior. We have sworn pacts to shoot each other should we display any such "old lady" behavior because that would truly mean we've gone round the bend and should be put down.

Last night I had dinner with several close "old" friends and we had a lot of fun discussing movies, the Academy Awards and which stars had had so much plastic surgery they could not move their faces. Then we talked about Helen Mirren, who probably pissed off several of the other women in the room because 1. she won the award and 2. because she was just plain hot and could use her face to express the happiness at having won said award.

I would like to contribute to what I hope is a trend in seeing beauty that can come with age. Here is a drawing of an "ageless beauty". A dear friend of mine bravely posed for this drawing; I think she looks fabulous. I have plans to do a series of these drawings using other female friends and relatives who are all fabulous, too.

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Unknown said...

These are stunning portrayals of timeless beauties. As I quickly approach 30 these images give me hope and a sense of peace for the future.