Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The American Way

Seashell #3

ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing

2.5 x 3.5"

I know I promised you that I would name the "leaves" drawing from title suggestions received from readers, but they were all so good that I couldn't decide on my own. So, I'd like all of you to vote for the best title. (Actually, I was just dying to try the poll option available on Blogger.)

You don't have to register to vote or declare a party affiliation. You don't have to listen to a debate. You don't have to TiVo all of your television viewing for the next year so that you can fast forward through all of the campaign commercials. And you don't have to choose an animal, a color, or an idiot. All you gotta do is click on the one name you like and push the "Vote" button; I think you can do it more than once, too. Kinda fun and you will remain totally anonymous. Besides, I'll use what you choose. Think of this as an American Idol kind of thing!

So, get in here and do your civic duty. Just look to your right and click!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Negativity Can Be Fun

"Snowy Pine"
Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastel Board
8 x 10"

This piece was a challenge and a lot of fun (my favorite combination when doing a drawing) because I chose to do it on a dark green Ampersand pastel board. So, all of the lightest lights you see are drawn in. Essentially, the whole drawing is of negative space.
While working on this piece not only was I happy with the challenge, but I was also reminded that no matter how much I dread the winter coming on, there is a beauty in it. I will look closely for it this year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Difficult Day

As I write this, my son is on his way to boot camp. Godspeed, Ian. I love you.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Upcoming Show

"Seashell #2"
ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"
The post tonight will be brief because I have been busy entertaining good friends and watching a certain football game today where the OSU Buckeyes kicked some Wolverine butt! Again!
There is so much is going on with my work right now and I have loads to do to get it all to happen. Great stuff, though. Some I can't tell you, yet.
One thing I have to prepare for is the upcoming Gallery Walk next Saturday in Gahanna, the little burb where we live. It's going to be held during the Holiday Lights celebration, which should bring in a good crowd. The Gahanna Creekside renovation is nearing completion and might be fun to see, too. At any rate, the lights throughout the area and the along the creek are beautiful. The parade is held after dark where all of the floats are decorated and lit with holiday lights. I am usually not a huge fan of parades (too many politicians and queens of all sorts), but this one is very creative and a lot of fun.
My booth will be next to Bicycle One where I will display and, hopefully, sell some of my originals and prints. I also plan to do a drawing demonstartion (unless it's so cold I can't hold a pencil). If you're in the area, stop in to see me or at least to bring me a hot chocolate.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Memory Key

"Seashell #1"
ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"
Yesterday, I did my run wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt; today I ran inside on the treadmill. Yesterday: 68 degress; today: 35. Low, low, dark, dark cloud cover. Ohio. Winter. Sigh.
So, to clear the dreariness that was descending, I decided that I will do some small seashell drawings for my next ACEO offereings. I have a nice little seashell collection (doesn't everyone?) which even includes some my parents brought back from their Florida honeymoon, back when Floriday still had seashells. The drawings are from my collection.
While at the ocean every summer, I lay there knowing that in a few short months, it will be dark and cold at home. So I consciously store away as much of the memory of warmth, sun, sand, ocean breeze, drinks with umbrellas, the beach smells and my joy at being there.
These little seashells help me to tap into some of those memories and help me to shake off some of the cold. Ahhh.

Breaking the Rules

Commission - Not for Sale
5 x 7" Colored Pencil Drawing on Bristol

Well, I've done it. I've broken my own "rules" - to do this commission:

  • Never use another person's photo for a commission.
  • I never do a portrait of a child under the age of 2.
  • I never do a portrait commission less than a 9 x 12" size.

So why did I do it?

  • The clients have been very, very good friends for about 20 years and have always been very, very supportive of my work. This is a Christmas gift for their friends.
  • The photo was exceptional quality and I could work on the composition and lighting.
  • It was too tempting to do this drawing because these twins are beautiful.

Note to self: Break the rules more often.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In Need of a Title

New Work

11 x 14"

Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastel Board

Here's the finished piece I started a week ago specifically to do as a demo at the Inn at Honey Run. It seems I have flown through this piece maybe because I love the color (red is my It color) or because of the surface, which I have grown to love so much I have ordered a ton more. I am pleased with it and glad it's finished so I can move on to the commission that's been on my table for too long!

But here's what I'd like you to do for me: help me give this piece a title. I am having "titler's block" (is that real?) and everything I have come up with thus far just seems silly and/or trite. So, send me your title suggestions (which I will take without any compensation whatsoever to you, your heirs, or your estate) and I will post the best ones next week.

Have fun, be creative and don't worry about being trite or silly. It's got to be better than anything coming out of my brain today!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Work in Progress

11 x 14"

Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastel Board

Usually I can handle most of the crises I have encountered in my life with some semblence of dignity and calm. However, there are two major traumas which I cannot handle without becoming an embarrassment to my gender by setting us all back about 100 years; I tend to swoon, cry and throw myself across the closest divan. Those situations are 1) when my auto will not start or just stops and 2) when my computer behaves badly. This week it was situation number 2. I have been stomping my little feet, pulling my hair and whining a lot, but still no internet connection. None. Helpless as a baby I have been.

After tiring of all of my tantrums, hero husband called all of the computer nerds and geeks he could find. Turns out the problem was with our internet carrier; those dastardly cable guys. Should have known.

So, back up, at least for now. I can put away the corset, fan and parasol until I need them again.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

"Old Friends"

ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing

2.5 x 3.5"


Wonderful, busy week and weekend for moi. Busy with art, family and friends, and oh, doesn't that make me happy.

Wednesday was, of course, full of Halloween fun with my son's school party and, even better, trick or treating with the grandsons. They are a joy. I was able to give them all the candy they wanted and then sent them home, to their parents delight.

This weekend finds me working Gallery Hop in the Short North at our gallery, Studios on High. Always interesting, fun and exhausting. Then up, bright and early (only downside to the whole weekend), and off to the Inn at Honey Run in Amish Country. Several of the gallery artists have been invited to demo and be their guests for the night. I am really looking forward to this as I have heard it is a most beautiful place, especially this time of year.

I have some other really wonderful projects in the works which I hope to tell you about as soon as they're complete.

Whew! Hope it continues.