Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Not for the Squeamish

Columbus Zoo Carousel
9 3/4 x 9"
First, let me tell you the good news: I had two pieces, "The Columbus Zoo Carousel" and "Early Autumn Meditation" accepted into a National Juried Exhibition in Southport, North Carolina, and they'll be shown at the Franklin Square Gallery ( from June 25 through July 21, 2007. Now, here's the really funny part: my girlfriend who posed for "Early Autumn Meditation" has a vacation/soon to be retirement place in Southport and will be there in July with her husband's family. Boy, is she thrilled! But, maybe they won't recognize her, since I'm betting many of them haven't seen her nude before. Anyway, I told her she has nothing at all to be ashamed of! As if!
(If you're squemish, stop here:)
The bad news: Last evening my husband had a minor accident at his business. While underneath a customer's truck, the exhaust pipe fell/was dropped (not getting the whole scoop here) on his head. He had to, of course, go to the ER and have some sutures put in. It's not pretty and I've been calling him "Frankie", but I'm very glad it was just a minor cut (I don't know what I'd do without him.) But, I told him I thought that he was so jealous of all of the attention I have been giving to Buddy, that he wished this wound upon himself to divert that attention from the dog over to himself. Of course, he denies all of these accusations as I'm scratching his belly.....

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