Friday, May 18, 2007

Just Like Magic!

Good China I
5 x 5" colored pencil
Tuesday evening my we had a scary spring storm with much lightening and so, of course, my computer got a zing or a zap or scared. Nevertheless (I love that word!), I woke on Wed morning with my trusty computer off but beeping at me in most annoying way. Panic. When my computer is down I have the same uncontrollable feelings I have when my car doesn't work: I cry. Then I call someone.
I called our "computer guy", Michael, who listened to the sad, sad beeping and somberly said, "It doesn't sound good." His diagnosis was a blown motherboard (which means you are SOL). He had me reboot, unplug and replug, wiggle some wires and still no go. So, I cried and called my husband, Lee. (Just like I do when the car breaks down.) He assured me all would be fine. Michael promised to come take a look on Thursday.
Now, my new outlook on life is to find the silver lining in all the clouds that come my way (see the post from Monday), and I soon realized that a day or two without a computer could be a delicious excuse to do nothing but make art. It was. I started a rather large piece which I hope to show you soon.
But the best part of the story is that my superhero husband, Lee, woke up early on Thursday and rebooted, unplugged and replugged and wiggled some wires and got my computer back up and working. He does the same thing with the cars. I think I'll keep him around.

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