Friday, May 11, 2007

Little Miss Muffett

This week has been oh, so busy with paperwork, billpaying, chaperoning a million third graders to the zoo, doing physical therapy with Buddy (he loves that), and continually reminding all my kids that Sunday is Mother's Day, that I have not spent as much time in my studio as I would've liked. (And believe me, I would rather have been in my studio than at the zoo; but am hoping for some points in heaven.)

The fact that I had left my studio vacant for several days was made horrifyingly clear when, as I began to work on a new project, I had a small but very fierce spider stand his ground and threaten territory he obviously thought of as his. But it was my drawing table and he and I had to compromise. I gave him the easel and I took back the drawing table. We may have to trade if I decide to paint soon.

"Good China" (WIP)
colored pencil on art board
5 x 5"

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