Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Top Ten

Good Chine II
colored pencil drawing
5 x 5"

Top Ten Reasons to Be An Artist and Work at Home:

1. You are your own boss (this, however, can be a bad thing, too!)
2. The commute down the hall is divine and doesn't cost $3.50 a gallon (just a cup of joe)
3. You can work outside.
4. You can work anywhere.
5. You can wear your jammies, sweats, a muumuu or anything you like! (Or nothing at all.)
6. You can eat whenever you want (this, too can be a bad thing!)
7. You can go to the bathroom while you're on the phone!
8. You can meet a friend anytime, and make up the work till 1 in the morning!
9. You can turn your music up really loud!
10. You get to do what you love.

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