Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

Good China II (WIP)
5 x 5" colored pencil drawing

Recently, I have decided that I watch too much TV and have given up watching all but about 3 shows a week. Most of what's on is drivel and I'd rather read anyway, but I've heard there are a couple of very good shows out there. I found one.
In the last few months, I have read several books about King Henry VIII and his many wives. Never before had I ever taken an interest in history, but with this, I am smitten. Can't get enough of the stuff. Here's the list of books I've read, so far: The Constant Princess and The Boleyn Inheritance both by Phillippa Gregory, The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson, and The Six Wives of Henry VIII by David Starkey (this one was a tome, but full of detail).
So imagine my excitement when I discovered a new series on Showtime called "The Tudors" (Tudor is the family name of Henry VIII; I know because I read it in one of those books!). The show is delicious: very well written, full of interesting characters, plot twists, beautiful scenery and costumes and an extremenly handsome leading man. (Even though my husband likes the Ann Boleyn actress.) Oh, and it's loaded with sex. This is not a show for children. At all.
My grandmother once told me that we were distantly related in some way to the royal family. But, if you take a look at their family tree, you'll see how intermarried and utterly confusing it is. Yikes. I guess that's one way to explain me and some other members of my family!

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