Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Avid Blogger

Today I spent some time with artist and new friend, Anita Miller, who, as I showed in another post is working on the Lima Company Memorial. I had the privelege of being invited the Artist's Roost (Anita's studio) and seeing her first lifesize painting of three of the soldiers. Amazing, powerful and beautiful. My hope is that a lot of people will see these paintings.

Anita, obviously gifted as an artist, also has a way of pulling people towards her. After reading my blog post about the memorial, Anita contacted me and asked if I could show her how to blog. Little did she know.....

So be sure to check out our newest blog junkie at www.limamemorial.blogspot.com. She will be posting and tweaking and getting her subscription feed set up soon, too, so check in on her progress often.

14 x 6"
mixed media: watercolor pencil, colored pencil, pastel
E-mail if you are interested.

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