Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bird in the Hand

Bouquet for Mom - WIP (2)
colored pencil
Oh, Spring! Warm temperatures and sunshine - finally - here in Columbus. What's not to love. So, yesterday, I flung open the doors and windows (screens aren't it yet because last week it was snowing) and enjoyed the day.
We left for the evening, and on our return discovered there was a small wren flying around the house! Now, normally, not a big deal....unless you have a 95 lb. labrador retriever named Buddy. He did his best to retrieve for us, knocking things over and jumping on any furniture that would hold him. There was much running, screaming and dog retrieving on our part, too.
We were able to get poor Ms. Wren out the door and our dog calmed down. When we awoke the next morning, Ms. Wren was outside our window singing loudly to be let in. Maybe she enjoyed the thrill of the chase as much as Buddy did.

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