Monday, April 30, 2007

For the Love of Dog

Our dog, Buddy, who is one of the best dogs ever (in our humble opinion), had to have knee surgery last Thursday. As some of you know, I ran my first marathon last fall and Buddy was my short distance (no more than 2 miles) training partner. Well, apparently, you can wear out your dog's knees just as you can your own. So, having had some knee problems myself and knowing how painful one can be, we decided to get Buddy the operation.

Now, I am not a "dog lover". I feel about dogs about the same as I feel about children: I do not automatically love all of them, just my own and a chosen few others. But, working in a home studio every day and being with this wonderful animal everyday has made him very special to me for his unfailing companioship and unconditional love.

That said, I really missed Buddy while he was away at the vets. I worried and thought about him a lot and kept expecting him to be under my feet at any moment. When I finally was able to get him on Friday, he was in a lot of pain even with lots of meds, and I just sat with him all day and all night. He cried constantly; what a helpless feeling.

He has rebounded, though, and by Sunday was trying chase bees and groundhogs in the yard dragging that leg behind him. We have had to restrain him from more of that! So, hopefully, I am through the round-the-clock dog nursing and can get back to making more art.

Here's another "Bouqet for a Mom". Hope you like.

Bouquet for a Mom II
colored pencil on MiTeints
9 x 12"

Buddy post op

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