Monday, April 16, 2007


Daisy, Pansy & Daylilly
All 3 pieces in their frames.
After taking a week away from the studio, I am itching to start a new, involved project. But, as usual, there's always some annoying interruption or another, like bills and taxes!
So, I am showing you, once again, some not-so-recent work that I hope you will enjoy looking at no matter that these flowers are not "fresh".
These pieces were done in colored pencil on wood panels, sealed with a clear acrylic varnish and framed without glass. Each one measures 4 x 4" (6 x 6" in the frames) and is mounted and ready to hang. They are each available for $90 framed or $250 for all three (plus shipping) E-mail me if you are interested at

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