Wednesday, April 4, 2007

White Gloves

"Little Women"
9 x 12"
graphite and china marker
My sisters and I, being the consummate tomboys we were (and still are), were dressed for Easter in bonnets, patent leather shoes, anklets and those amazing white gloves. Now, I remember a lot of my childhood, but I do not remember wearing these gloves. Obviously, I did, because we have the pictures to prove it. But, how long did I wear them? Did I take them off right after the pictures were taken? Did I wear them through the church service? I must have taken them off earlier than my parents had hoped because I do remember being a nail biter and I'm sure the gloves once a year didn't stop that nasty habit.
I'll have to ask my sisters (who are amazing women whom I dearly love) what they remember of "the wearin' of the gloves". My best guess is that at least one of us lost one before we returned home to eat that ham....

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