Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Work in Progress

11 x 14"

Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastel Board

Usually I can handle most of the crises I have encountered in my life with some semblence of dignity and calm. However, there are two major traumas which I cannot handle without becoming an embarrassment to my gender by setting us all back about 100 years; I tend to swoon, cry and throw myself across the closest divan. Those situations are 1) when my auto will not start or just stops and 2) when my computer behaves badly. This week it was situation number 2. I have been stomping my little feet, pulling my hair and whining a lot, but still no internet connection. None. Helpless as a baby I have been.

After tiring of all of my tantrums, hero husband called all of the computer nerds and geeks he could find. Turns out the problem was with our internet carrier; those dastardly cable guys. Should have known.

So, back up, at least for now. I can put away the corset, fan and parasol until I need them again.

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Serena said...

LOL....great post and I can so identify!