Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On The Street

"Respite" - Phase 5
colored pencil drawing
18 x 20"
Last Saturday evening, during the Gallery Hop in the Short North Arts District in Columbus, four artists (one was me!) from Studios on High Gallery, set up our easels and tables and made art out on the street. In front of a lot of people. The Hops in this area attract thousands every month, especially during the warmer weather months, and this past Saturday was really "hopping".
As an artist, most of us are introverts and are never happier than when we are alone in our studios making our art. However, in order to sell it (which only serves to support our habit of making it), we have to come out of hiding once in a while. But it is WAY out of our comfort zones. (There are exceptions, right Sandy?)
I have heard it said that showing your art in public is like standing naked on a street corner and singing an aria. You do feel extremely exposed. But jumping out into that void with other artist friends felt like a bit of a safety net. And once out there, all of us found a very receptive, kind and admiring audience.
So lesson learned: overcome your fear and jump, it might be a whole lot of fun, especially if you take a friend or two with you.
"Every day do something that frightens you." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

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nebbergd said...

Impressive, very impressive....have a great day Rhonda