Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Feigned Ignorance

"Respite" - Phase 6
18 x 20"
colored pencil drawing
My youngest son has now completed the third grade with flying colors and is home with me now all day......every day. And it has already started. In less than 24 hours, he is actually saying "I'm bored."
Now, having been a mom as long as I have you know there are several translations to this boy-speak:
1. Take me somewhere really fun.
2. Take me somewhere really expensive.
3. Buy me something really fun.
4. Buy me something really expensive.
5. Take me to the pool.
6. Take me to any one of my friends.
7. Feed me lots of sugar.
I, however, have decided, like any smart native, to ignore a rude, demanding person who doesn't know that I know their language. I choose to feign total ignorance of all of the possible answers he would like to hear with one answer: "Then go clean your room."
Usually, that holds him off for at least a half an hour or so.

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