Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finishing the Dandelion

Finally beginning to feel like my self again...thank goodness. I am not a patient patient! Thanks to all of you who have sent me notes and get well wishes. Very much appreciated.

While finishining the recent dandelion drawing, I thought I might show you how I have been finishing my drawings on pastel board. (Many people are experimenting with this support right now and there are no right ways to do it; this is just what I'm trying right now.)

The drawing below is the final drawing stage before burnishing (blending). As you can see, even though I have applied many, many layers of Prismacolor colored pencil to the board, the grain shows through. While you have the option to call your drawing "done" here and it well could be, I have decided to push it and play a little more. What the heck, right?

Drawing before burnishing.

To burnish colored pencil on pastel board, you have several options, as you do on paper, but I choose to drybrush using cheap hog bristle brushes which I have trimmed down to about 1/4 inch. I also clean and dry the brushes frequently with solvent when the color builds up in the brushes. It's very helpful to me to use a drafting brush and clean off the particles kicked up by the burnishing as I go.

And here is the finished piece. Because I worked until the sun went down and wasn't able to get the photo quality I wanted, I still hope you can see the change in color saturation and intensity after burnishing.

Don't be afraid to try new, experimental techniques with your colored pencil drawings. If you are harboring that fear of the unknown, get over it! Sometimes when I want to work "outside the box", I'll do what I call a "small draw"; you won't have as much time, effort, or money invested but you can still play. The Ampersand pastel board can be purchased as small as 5 x 7" and relatively inexpensively. So, go on and play a little!

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. - (T. S. Eliot)


Serena said...

A very beautiful finish, Rhonda! I so appreciate the information too as I don't know much about coloured pencil techniques at all.

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Rhoda: so glad you feeling better. Take it easy. Head injuries are tricky. You may feel great. The brain is remarkable, but does need its time.
Beautiful work. I was so concerned by your injuries. I did not realize you were doing a dandelion.
I have one on the board. More detail. Dandelions are my favorite favorite, They have to struggle for their piece of Earth. They are a part of the Mother country.

((circle of healing hugs and enlightenment.


Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Serena and Sherrie,
Thanks for your constant support and goodwill! So great always to hear from both of you.

Quilt Knit said...

It is a beautiful piece. I hope the Face is ok and just as beautiful as the Dandelion.
My son has completed His first tour in Iraq. I have a map of where He was and He left me much information about Iraq. I am hoping He will be on His way to Turkey this March. My Birthday month.
I hope you are having a better art experience now.
Maggie says her foot is better. I do not you ever recovery completed from accidents.
Have a wonderful art day.