Monday, January 28, 2008

My Soldier

9 x 12" Oil painting on canvas

"Ian Swimming"

This painting was done a few years ago after I ran across a picture I had taken of Ian (my oldest son) when he was about 4. I pulled the painting out of storage and have it sitting in my studio where I can look at it a lot - not because I think I'm such an incredible painter (I'm fair to pretty okay) - but because I miss him and want to remember when he belonged to me and when I saw him every day.

He called me from boot camp on Sunday afternoon; it had been three weeks since I had talked to him. He sounded older, stronger, more confident and, dare I admit, happy. When I asked him if he was surviving boot camp and all that it requires, he replied that it was "pretty easy"(!) and that he really likes it(!)

This is a kid who loves a challenge and was a wrestler for many, many years. Maybe that sport got him ready for the physical part of the training; but what could ever get him ready for the mental part of it? I just don't know.

As reluctant and apprehensive as I was (and am!) about Ian enlisting, it is far better to know that he his happy with his decision. Maybe some people are born to be warriors; Ian may be one of them.

Our family will be travelling to Columbia, SC, to see him graduate from training at the end of February. I expect to find that my son will have changed a great deal, or so I have been told by people who know. And even though he doesn't belong to me anymore and I don't get to see him every day, I have the pride in knowing that I raised one fine young man.


pshamel said...

I was in the art store last week, the hapless Floridian amazed by the cold weather and warmed by your art!

I identified with your longing for your grown son and those younger days. I am quite proud, though, that you and he have grown up and out and ready for more of life. Bless you all! Have a great time in South Carolina at his graduation!

Pam Shamel
P.S. I loved your painting of marbles, is that available? (original, not print)

Quilt Knit said...

Well, I am glad to hear you all headed to the ceremony. My graduation ceremony for my son was at Fort Knox, KY. They do a great job for the families.
Remember this: On the papers I signed for my children was one word all recruits had to function without: MOM Now if you reach down and turn it up it is WOW. Congratulations! You now face your son as His on Man.

((( Circle of Hugs )))


Serena said...

It's wonderful that Ian is happy! We're already into February now so not long to go. Where does Ian go from boot camp?