Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My weekend was primarily devoted to housework (ugh) and family time (fun!)

On Friday night, we attended the Cub Scout banquet for my little guy. Now, I normally am very involved in every aspect of this child's life -- with the exception of Cub Scouts. There are various reasons I am not involved, but let's just narrow it down to the fact that my husband is a wonderful father and he and his son seem to love this group. So, being out of the "loop", I was quite surprised when said son was awarded a card stating that he is now certified to begin carrying a pocket knife! I dutifuly applauded, as a good mother should. Said child just turned 9. He is not a violent or mean kid, so I don't imagine any thuggish behavior, however, I'm sure I will get a phone call from the school anytime soon.....

Anyway, with all the family fun, I could only steal away to the studio for bits of time and decided to work on the backgrounds of both works in progress. These pieces are rather large for colored pencil (around 12 x 16") so, for those of you who work in the medium, you know how long it can take to cover that much ground. And it can be a little boring. My husband says that watching me draw is like watching paint dry anyway.

So, here they are. I've decided to try putting a pattern into the sofa on "Teddy and Me"; maybe I was really bored, but I think it gives the work a little more interest. Both pieces still need much more work. Stay tuned!

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