Monday, February 12, 2007

Colored Pencil Work in Progress

I started a new piece last Thursday based on a reference photo taken while attending the CPSA show in New Mexico last July. While my sister, Linda, and I were wandering around Sante Fe, we stumbled upon a church where a crowd was waiting for the wedding party. A mariachi band was at the ready.

I loved the interesting clothes, sombreros, and instruments. But, more important, I really liked the way these gentlemen convey the fact that they are professionals and take their jobs very seriously. I respect that in another artist and want to show that in this work.

My plan is to post photos as I am working.

Step 1 - Detailed sketch. I am working on buff colored mat board. It measures 12 x 16". I know this image is difficult to see, but I have made the sketch very light because most of it will be erased once I begin to apply the colored pencil.

Step 2 - Beginning to glaze. I seem to always work from right to left even though I am right handed. I may have done so because I want the gentlemen on the right to be the main focus of the drawing.

Step 3 - More glazing. Had to work around my son's birthday party (little before and a little after). We took four 3rd grade boys to an indoor water park.

Step 4 - More and more glazing!

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