Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Good news! I just received notification that one of my drawings has been accepted into the "Explore This" CPSA show in Brea, Ca which will run Mar 24 - May 4.

The song "California Dreamin'" is running through my head! But then I have my child home (yet again) for a snow day because central Ohio is being buried under the "storm of the century". So, if I can't get to the west coast, at least my drawing can make the trip.

The "Explore" show allows artists to explore their medium of colored pencil by encouraging us to work on unusual papers or other supports, prepared surfaces, and mixing with other media. My piece, "Blue Lucidity", is done on three layers of drafting film with color applied front and back on each sheet. The layers of color gave the work a lot of depth and luminousity.

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