Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Child's Observation

Sketching from Life Prokect on
Week 3 - Something from your refrigerator
45 minute colored pencil sketch

Recently, my young son was invited to a birthday party for one of his friends - who's father happens to work for Ohio State University and is one of the football coaches. The party was at the training center on campus.

Now, if you've ever been to a military base or Fort Knox, you have some idea of how hard it is to get into the OSU football training facility. Very few people ever get the chance. And around here (in Columbus), its equivalent to a shrine or holy place.

After two hours, we returned to the shrine and waited for it to open (we could not get in), and as he emerged he looked very, very tired. I, thinking he'd had an awful experience, was concerned; but no, he had just spent two hours training with the football team, hanging out in their locker room and rec room (read XBox 360 and any video game imaginable), trying on equipment and just hanging out with all the guys! My husband and I (both avid fans) turned around and shook him and said "Please, please tell us more!"

Because we also pressed upon him that he was indeed one of the few chosen to ever get inside, he began to share his experiences. (We were kneeling at his feet by then.) Then he told us that he got to go into Coach Tressel's office. (Gasp, the inner sanctum!) We both whispered "What was it like?"

He said it looked like an office for a god.

We nodded, comforted and satisfied.

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Serena said...

This is too funny, Rhonda...I can just picture you and your hubby hanging off your son's every word. LOL Btw, great pic!