Monday, April 14, 2008

Art for Orphans - "Young Mother"

"Young Mother"
ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"
50% of the purchase price will be donated to
the K'illallaray Orphanage

Here is a video of some of the children who visited us on a daily basis while we were working on the orphanage. Since we had brought lots of coloring books and crayons with us, we decided to give our new friends a few. They gladly used them but when it came time for us to leave, they thought they had to give everything back! I had to (in my VERY bad Spanish) let them know that I was too old to keep them, and that they were for children only. That convinced them. (No surpise here.) They were happy and so were we.

The next day, being a school day, I saw Gonzolo (the little guy in the yellow shirt) who told me that one of the older boys had taken his book. He looked so sad; and so I promised he'd get a new one. The next day he got the best coloring book/sticker book we had: Diego! His whole face lit up; he was very, very happy and this time, did not refuse our gift.

Unbelievably that adorable little guy is eight years old.

We now have a blog with much more information about the K'illallaray orphanage. There is also an easy donation button. Please check it out: Then forward it on.

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