Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Change is Good Occasionally

"Black & White"
ACEO Original Graphite Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"
Today's drawing might seem like a bit of a departure, but it's definitely not a new medium for me; graphite was my first love and medium of choice.
I began to move away from using graphite as a fine art medium after art school, I suppose because it wasn't exciting or sexy enough. Color seemed to be very important at the time. It still is, don't get me wrong, but lately whenever I see a well-rendered charcoal or graphite drawing, it just seems to stop me in my tracks.
Here are two samples of what I'm taling about:
Marsha Robinett and her blog The Extraordinary Pencil: Marsha's banner reads "Where art allows you to see the color of life through your mind's eye." I look at a LOT of art on the internet and I see loads of really great stuff, but Marsha's drawings stop me and make me lean in every time.
The other day I ran across an artist I never had studies before, Frederick, Lord Leighton (1830 - 1896) He was a painter, of course, but his drawings and studies for his paintings, again, made me stop and look closer.
So, here's what I've decided to do:
- Each week I'll post a graphite drawing or ACEO. (Gotta tell you, I am really getting a lot out of doing these frequent drawings and posts for this blog - it's pushing me to keep learning, growing and trying new things!)
- Each week I'll post a link or other info on some artists who do graphite or charcoal drawings (of course, one's I like!)
I'm really looking forward to digging into this. Who knows, this might lead to blogging about studying some masters of drawing (ala, Greywaren). Couldn't hurt, right?
If you know of any past or present artists who are worthy of us all looking at their work, please let me know.

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Serena said...

It sounds like a great idea to me, Rhonda. Marsha's work is stunning! I will keep my eyes peeled for any pencil artists out there who may peak your interest and let you know. :)