Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knowledge is Power

"Big Talkers"
ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"

One of my favorite things about life is learning something new. If I can say I learned something I never knew before, it's a really good thing in my book. It might be about science, the universe, philosophy, health, the definition to a word I've never used before, something about an author, a bit of history, some trivia, words to a song, how something works. Doesn't matter what it is - I love learning. If my life would've permitted it, I would be a full time college student forever.
So imagine my stunned face when I learned, while watching the View the other day, that I had never really known how to measure for my bra size! How could I have grown to be 48 and never known that before? I have worn a bra for most of those years (of course I didn't need the one I got when I was 12 and I didn't wear one at all while in college - it was the 70's) but apparently, I have been doing it wrong all this time.
At first, I was stunned. Why is this secret not handed down to us with all of the other "girl" knowledge we get from our mothers and the P.E. teacher (OK, maybe not her)? I have talked to my sisters and girlfriends about EVERYTHING, and yet, this topic has not come up. Were we all ignorant and afraid to show it? There is a bit of math involved, so maybe that explains it. I don't know.
But now that I have this empowering knowledge, I plan to use it and shop for THE PERFECT BRA. Now, if I could only find my tape measure. Yardsticks; not so good.

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