Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last of the Dandelions - Finally!

Dandelion Series - Stage 4

colored pencil on Ampersand pastel board

6 x 6"

It's finished! Actually, this series has been done for a while, but I hadn't photographed it. No excuses, just crazy busy (a good thing), loads of projects, a son home for the summer and an incredibly wonderful social life (lots of fantastic friends who I never see enough of). Not to mention, scootering around whenever I get a chance!

Here at the end of summer, I can get a bit frantic trying to fit everything in. I love summer; there's never enough of it. So, especially in August, I try to absorb as much of the waning season as possible hoping that somehow I can store it up for a long grey winter. (Central Ohio has one of the greyest winters in the U.S. Sigh.)

Next week school starts again and my young son starts fifth grade, so I will be back in "work mode" more often and will post several new works, projects and updates. I'm looking forward to it.


Quilt Knit said...

This is so very nice. I really love it.
I imagine your getting excited about the ship tour.
I tried to come. I could not get the time off.
Maybe next time. I was hoping you could get me to enjoy Mylar. I never have enjoyed drawing on it. I asked Maggie the type she was using, then saw yours and just cringed. UUu!
Yours are just beautiful.

VSD sketch is up and it is my photo. Hope you will take a look.
It is hard for the soldiers to get personal items. They have to pay in Euros. It stinks. Writing messages to congress taking a package to post tomorrow. My first this time around.

((( Circle of Hugs)))

Sherrie Roberts

Ann said...

This is a gorgeous series! Thanks for posting all of the stages. I am intrigued with your use of white pastel boards - I usually use gray but the white seems to make the colors more vivid. Did you use solvents on these ? I couldn't tell from the photos. The colors are so rich and it's a great subject!

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Ann, thanks for the comment and question. I did blend and burnish these pieces using a stiff hog bristle brush. No solvent on these but I have used solvent on pastel board on larger pieces. Lots of fun using this support!

kay susan said...

Found your blog via. Virtual Sketch Date. I am just in awe of your dandelion series. I always think it is such a shame that such a bright, vibrant and sturdy flower should be classed as a weed - I like them in my lawn, but then I like the daisies and speedwells too!

Serena said...

An amazing finish, Rhonda!

shicat said...

This is amazing.I can't believe it's colored pencil? Just beautiful