Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dandelion Series - Stage 3

Dandelion Series - Stage 3
colored pencil on Ampersand pastel board
6 x 6"

Here's the third of my Dandelion series and I'm having fun with them. (You artists out there know what I'm talking about when you're having fun with a project.) Loooove this Ampersand pastel board. Great stuff. Would like to do most of my new work on it. After I get through my next few projects on my "to do" list, I'd like to experiment with the board a bit and try mixing the colored pencils with some other media: pastel, watercolor, watercolor pencils, ink. I'm just going to play and see what I can come up with. I'll let you know.

In the mean time, check out the "Color On!" blog by Cindy Haase. She has some incredible work on pastel board with underpaintings done with pastel pencils, Neocolor II and Inktense. She graciously shares her work in progress and tips on "how to".

Now here's my new toy:

What fun! Plus, I'm also becoming a little greener, leaving a smaller carbon footprint at 100 mpg! I'm using this baby to run errands around my suburban hood (and terrorizing the neighbors as well). Now, I'm just looking for a gang to join....


Marsha Robinett said...

LOVE IT--JUST LOVE IT!!...the "Dandelion Series" and the new "Toy". If you have trouble finding a gang to join...let me know. I think there is one just down the street from me!

In my younger years my husband and I used to ride. I really enjoyed it.

Have fun and be careful.

Cindy said...

Thank you Rhonda for the link! I appreciate it.

And I LOVE the new wheels.... :-)
I would love to get either a bike or a scooter to make trips around my neighborhood.

Quilt Knit said...

I love the Dandelion, I love the Wheels, what kind is it?
Thank-you so much for the kind words on my blog for the VSD drawing. Check back later for the Graphite version. Finishing it up.
K is somewhere in Afghanistan.

His love to all your family!

((( Circle of Hugs)))
Sherrie Roberts

Serena said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your Dandelion series, Rhonda. I love the realism and depth of colour you achieve in everything you do....wonderful work.

OH, and don't you look super cool on your new scooter!!!