Friday, October 10, 2008

Self-Aware and a Little How-To

"Self Aware"
6 x 8"
Colored pencil on canvas

This series has received such good accolades and, needless to say, I am thrilled.

Here's the story:

I have always loved figurative drawing/painting, even in art school when, shocked and a little embarrassed, I had to draw my first nude. However, I soon got over it and realized how wonderful it is to capture the human form in all its nuance and detail.

Several years ago, I asked some friends, who happened to be over 40, to pose for me. I realized that a "woman in her prime" is more comfortable in her skin and self-aware of who she is. I wanted to try to capture that in some of my work. Since that first grouping of pieces, I realized that I love doing this and seem to have a knack for making the women who pose for me to feel comfortable and to actually enjoy the process. I believe there is a great deal of trust involved on their part. But, I also think it's because I grew up with two sisters, spent a great deal of time in locker rooms as an athlete, and am comfortable in my own skin as well.

In response to some readers who wanted to know what I'm using for a support, I used a pre-stretched, pre-primed canvas. I applied two layers of black gesso (which has a matte finish and is great for taking colored pencil.) The canvas is not a fine linen; however, in some places I used solvent to "paint" the pencil wax into the canvas. In other areas, I let the canvas texture show through.
I really enjoyed working on the canvas and plan to do several more "colored pencil paintings" this way.

Oh, BTW, I have a rule for the women who pose for me: they have to be over 40. Unless, of course, they're a paying customer.

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hbedrosian said...

Beautiful women, beautiful paintings.

I am intrigued by your use of colored pencil on canvas - very creative!