Friday, February 29, 2008

On the Road

Just wanted to share that I am currently in Columbia, South Carolina, having just spent a couple of days with my son as he graduated from Army basic training.

Needless to say, it was a joy to see him, and I am very, very proud. I'll have a picture or two for you when I get home, but, alas, am working on a laptop (not mine!) and don't have all the bells, whistles and photo editing program I'm used to for a decent post.

I'll have some new drawings for you to see, too, early next week as I share some son-type reports (forgive me here as I just told him goodbye -- again -- and I'll never get used to that which can cause me to be a little weepy and emotional).

Oh, well, I'll soldier on and say what they teach all good Army moms to say: "Hoo-rah"!

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Quilt Knit said...

Hoo RAh! Congratulations! I hope you are having a wonderful trip and took a sketchbook with you.
Love your work. My Lab is here.
Thanks so much!