Monday, December 17, 2007

Change the World a Little Today

Next Three Stages of a Work In Progess
"Glowing Cathedral"
8 x 10" colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard
Today, Bloggers have united to talk about good deeds we have done and promoted on our blogs, so I will, once again, share my Kiva experiences with you.
Check out their website for more info here. Feel free to check the background information, the press coverage and validity as well. I think you'll be impressed.
"If you give a man a fish, he eats for the day. If you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself and his family." This is a philosophy I buy wholeheartedly and have always wondered how most of us could "teach a man to fish". Here's the opportunity to do just that.
The micro loan you make (I have done as little as $25) could change one person's life forever; many of these third-world entrepreneurs are asking for less than $1000. They live a life I can only imagine. But, I so respect and admire resourcefulness and feel it should be championed. You can check out my lender page here; of this I am proud.
(If you really want to feel like Santa this year, a Kiva gift certificate makes a wonderful gift for that person who literally "has everything".)
I also want to share that I have just applied for my passport as I will be going to Bolivia in March to work directly with some local artisans and merchants and to physically help to build an orphanage. My job, before I go, is to collect as many new and gently used art and school supplies as I can before I go; I hope to ship a ton! (Artists, you know you have a lot of "good intention" art goodies laying around that will never be used - by you! Let me know if you decide to part with them.) As an artist and an overly blessed American, I think its the least I could do. I'll keep you posted on this news, you can bet!


Quilt Knit said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your upcoming adventure be a great one. Just love this work. How do like the Pastel Ampersand board?
What kind of Drafting film have you tried?
Did you use in solvents? Alcohol? etc.

May the Light of the World shine upon you All, May it enter into your Hearts and Share the Love of the Earth, Our Dear Home.

((( Circle of Hugs with the Light of the World Upon You! )))

Serena said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing the work in progress.

I'm sure Bolivia will be a wonderfully, enriching experience for you. A great cause and I think it's so nice of you to make a difference to those who need a helping hand.