Friday, August 10, 2007

Hot and Sticky

"Buddy's Bowl"
ACEO Original Colored Pencil Drawing
2.5 x 3.5"
My son and I just spent the day at the Ohio State Fair and I am broke, tired, overstimulated, hot, sticky and full of sugar. It was a great day.
I have visited this fair for as long as I can remember and I see something new every time I go. Today we saw pig races (the potbellied pigs were not the fastest bunch), a cow in labor, newborn lamb twins, a retriever dog show (Buddy could do everything they did....well, maybe some of it), hamburger in a cone (I did not even want to see that) and deep fried cheese cake (I did not eat that either). And if you like to people watch, hoo boy, this is the place; you will see it all.
We had to stop by the Fine Arts show which despite the fact that it is housed in a building behind the giant slide, is a very good art show and a tough one to get into. I was very happy to have two pieces accepted in this year's exhibition. I used Cameron as the model for both works, so he was happy for once to go with me to look at art. (Plus, he has to or we don't ride the giant slie.) I tried to take a picture of Cameron standing beside one of my drawings, but the docent stopped me, saying it was against the rules even if the piece was mine. Oh, well, rules are rules. I did feel a little stupid and a little peeved. But I should know better.
Each time the fair comes around it brings a little melancholy for me, too, as it has always been held at the end of summer. And I love my summers; especially good ones like this one.

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