Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise Recap

Our ship, the Carnival Pride

Here's some news and a few pics from my class on the Mexican Riviera Colored Pencil Workshop cruise. Thanks to Ann Kullberg who organized the entire workshop, I was invited to be one of the workshop instructors with Ann, of course, and Gemma Gylling. It was a wonderful trip with a wonderful group of workshop attendees. (I think I've made some new arty friends!)

In my workshop we focused on drawing marbles on two layers of Dura-lar Mylar. With this technique you can render an intense, glowing depth of field which works particularly well for glass objects. Below is my sample drawing.
This technique can be a little tricky and complicated since you have to work on both sides of the surface and ,therefore, draw backward from your reference photo several times. I wasn't sure how the class would handle this or react to it, but I was so pleased as they all came away with some wonderful pieces!

And, because I, too, thought of this trip as a little bit vacation, I took some time out on our balcony to enjoy a little refreshment afterwards. In the big comfy robe they provided. With warm sun. Ahhh. (See even if you're an introvert, like me, you can put yourself out there in the world; you just need a little R & R after!)

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Angela Finney said...

Thanks for sharing all of these great photos about your cruise workshop. I will go on one of these one of these days. Glad it went well for you! Angela