Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Slightly Slacking

Sketching from Life
Project on Wetcanvas
May 2008, Week 1: Flowers
My solution: lilacs from my yard in my 5 x 7" moleskin sketchbook

It may seem that I have been slacking, and, in Blog-World, I have. But, I have been very, very busy in:
Art world -
  • Started and finished a new piece on layered Mylar (I'll show you, I promise), with plans for a few more.
  • Got word that "Sticky Situation" was accepted into the July National Exhibition in Southport, North Carolina at Franklin Square Gallery. Beautiful gallery; beautiful part of the country.
  • Came up with some new ideas for a new series of work. (You'll see it as it develops).
Home world -
  • Son home from Army training! (More on that later, too.)
  • Constantly reminding children (especially grown ones) that Sunday is Mother's Day. (I'll let you know if they remember.)
Social world (AKA "Spending-Time-With-Other-Adults" World) -
  • Gala fundraising event (had to dress up),
  • Focus group for a fair trade organization (didn't have to dress up)
  • The Police (Sting is STILL hot!) Concert (just wore my favorite jeans). (Yes, yes, more there, too.)

Rhonda world - (Where I live in a quiet, well-organized house, with a highly paid and competent staff who tend to my every need. Right....)

  • New camera! New computer! (My argument that these are tools for my trade really worked!)
  • Training! I have made the commitment to run the Columbus Half Marathon in October. Yes, it's hard on the body; great for the mind. Keeps me sane and very good for my disposition.

BUT one the biggest excuses I have for not blogging recently is that I, too, was flagged as a spammer (as if!) and put on hold for a couple of days. (NOT good for my disposition.) Looks like the folks at Blogger are working out some of the bugs on this matter, as I didn't have to be down as long as some other blogging art friends. Whew. Still, mighty annoying. I barely have time for all the stuff I do now - how the hell would I find time to spam? Let alone learn how to? Jeesh. (Has this happened to anyone else in the last week or so? Anyone know WHY this happens? Is there a rampant sabateur out there lurking and ready to flag wee art bloggers?)

Oh, maybe I just needed to take a week or so off from posting. Sometimes time off from something, even something you enjoy, can refresh and clear the cobwebs from the attic, so to speak. Then again maybe pushing away from the keyboard gave me some time to just go do stuff so I can come back to tell you all about it. Mmmm.

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Marsha Robinett said...

Wow!...You must have special connections "up there" to get those extra hours put into your day. For the life of me, I don't know how you get all that stuff done. I got tired just reading the list!!

Sorry about your BLOGGER SHUT DOWN. I still don't know any more than I did. I even contacted them after mine was up again, asking them to give me a reason...got nothing back.

I did have an interesting experience this past weekend. Sent out my monthly email and all those who using AOL as their emial provider had theirs refused. I contacted AOL and they said that "for the moment" all "Blogger" links were blocked because of spam complaints from their users. Go Figure!!

Looks to me like Google Blogger is continuing to mow down the innocent in the process of trying to run off the guilty!